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The profession of wine grower is like all the professions connected with the land: an extraordinary one full of majesty and beauty. The Paul Buisse Winery has always been about a sense of conviviality and the desire to enable people to appreciate the Loire wines through tastings and visiting the local area.

Wine growers and negociants, Pierre Chainier et sa famille, the owners of the Paul Buisse Winery, are passionate about and fiercely proud of their profession. Over an area stretching from Vouvray to Chinon and Sancerre to Nantes, the Loire wines hold no secrets for them...

Being a negociant involves travelling around the Loire Valley non stop from December to March, carefully seeking out only the very best batches of wine.

Tasted and analysed in the cellar laboratory by a panel of experts – oenologists, restaurateurs, wine merchants, sommeliers – wines are selected only if they meet the quality requirements laid down by the Paul Buisse Winery.

Once in the wine cellar they are treated with the utmost care, with conditions tailored to the characteristics specific to each wine. The wines are kept in cellars dug into the tuffeau limestone, the very stone used to build the bridges, churches and châteaux of the Loire, where the temperature is a constant 12°C both summer and winter.

Our respect for tradition combined with modern methods ensure the wines produced by Paul Buisse are wines of quality; fruity, supple and generous.

L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé, à consommer avec modération