Wine tastings and oenology workshops

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Wine tastings and oenology workshops

Tasting a wine is an art that we at the Paul Buisse Winery will be delighted to pass on to you: the ability to put into words what you experience when tasting a wine.


Because wine tasting awakens all your senses, starting with sight, which you use to describe the colour, then the nose and finally the palate: sweet, savoury, bitter, acidic, aromas of red fruits, vanilla, green apple, brioche, leather… There are so many ways to describe it! Discover the influence of grape variety and terroir, the role of the wine grower and oenologist in creating the wine, and how to establish the way a wine matches a particular type of dish. Depending on which topic you choose, you will have the opportunity to taste and describe 5 or 6 wines of different colours.

Workshops on offer
  • Introduction to tasting the Loire wines
  • Matching wines to dishes
  • Tasting a grape variety grown in different terroirs or different vintages.

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